LCpL Jebidiah Barnabas “JB” Jackson Refresh
Description #
Aspects Skills
Farm-Boy turned Protector Superb (+5)
The Right Thing Tops Orders Great (+4) Shoot
Basic Training(Hick=Dumb) Good (+3) Notice Athletics
Feeds the Fire Fair (+2) Will Physique Fight
Only good Zerg are dead Zerg Average (+1) Stealth Lore Rapport Empathy
Stunts Extras
Grenade Launcher First Extra
Hard Boiled Second Extra
Danger Sense Third Extra
Physical Stress (Physique) Consequences
1[] 2[] 3[] 4[] 2 Mild Consequence Aspect 2 Mild Consequence Aspect
Mental Stress (Will) 4 Moderate Consequence Aspect
1[] 2[] 3[] 4[] 6 Severe Consequence Aspect

Standard Marine Loadout

C-14 Standard Issue Assault Rifle
Function: Long-range, fully-automatic hot-lead.
Aspect: “Ground Control to Major Tom” : +1 when attacking biologicals and mechanicals with the airborn aspect.
Weapon: 2

CMC Powered Combat Suit
Armor: 2
Function: Environmental Armor

Optional Marine Loadout

Adrenal Stimulation Pack
Special: Adrenal Stimulation Packs add the following aspects/trouble to a character for a single scene.
Function: Faster than a flying Banshee, stronger than a charging Ultralisk…
Flaw: Gonna’ be sick.


Phase Trio

Your Adventure

Two or three sentences describing your first adventure.

(Phase One Aspect) Farm-Boy turned Protector
Someone’s got to have the might to protect decent folks. Better me than some convict conscript fellow that don’t care.

(Phase Two Aspect)Basic Training

Basic is harder than working the farm, meaner than a hungry near-badger and more cruel than a jilted lover. Everyone will dismiss the farm-boy because everyone knows that all “Hicks” are too stupid to not sleep with their sisters.

Crossing Paths (Feed the Fire)

Stay low, keep to cover and wait for the roughneck to flush ‘em out.
He’d make a hell of a Firebat…

Crossing Paths Redux (The Right Thing Tops Orders)

Following a Ghost is not a clean, easy job. Orders are to remove any and all possible compromise to the mission. But that was too much to do to the refugee group, they were innocents and ain’t no danger to us or the dammed mission. Got ‘em to forget they ever saw us and jus’ keep on going. The Ghost don’t seem to care.

(Phase Three Aspect)The only Good Zerg is a Dead Zerg

After watching whole platoons die and the effects of a Zerg invasion on jus’ plain folk, Zerg ain’t got no excuse or savin’ grace.


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