Cheerful Terran Firebat

Lawrence “Fenix” Down Refresh
Beefy Terran roughneck turned soldier of fortune. 3
Aspects Skills
Good Ol’ Boy That Loves Fire Superb (+5)
Ashe Is Scum, But He’s Got A Point Great (+4) Physique
Vespene And Vespene Accessories Good (+3) Athletics Provoke
I Seen Some Shit Fair (+2) Fight Shoot Crafts
Phase Three Aspect Average (+1) Drive Lore Notice Will
Stunts Extras
First Stunt First Extra
Second Stunt Second Extra
Third Stunt Third Extra
Physical Stress (Physique) Consequences
1[ ] 2[ ] 3[ ] 4[ ] 2 Twisted Knee 2 Minor Consequence Aspect
Mental Stress (Will) 4 Moderate Consequence Aspect
1[ ] 2[ ] 3[ ] 6 Severe Consequence Aspect

Some stuff happened. Now he’s here.

Phase Trio

Your Adventure

Fenix has an encounter with Vespene smugglers at a refinery where he’s working. Due to his experience with the gas and the the mechanics of the refinery, he works with fire to defend the place.

Vespene And Vespene Accessories

Crossing Paths

Two or three sentences describing how you were involved in another PC’s first adventure.


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