Agent X72037N ("Angel")

Unproven Terran Ghost Struggling to Keep Herself Together

Agent X72037N (“Angel”) Refresh
A young terran female with red hair and eyes like amber. 3
Aspects Skills
Mindwiped Terran Ghost Superb (+5)
Psychic Dampener Failing Great (+4) Stealth
Emerging Telekinesis Good (+3) Physique Shoot
Revenant Is My Superior Fair (+2) Athletics Fight Notice
Dr. Zhang Wants Me Average (+1) Burglary Deceive Empathy Will
Stunts Extras
Danger Sense Hostile Environment Suit (Armor 1)
Lie Whisperer Second Extra
Personal Cloaking Third Extra
Physical Stress (Physique) Consequences
1[ ] 2[ ] 3[ ] 4[ ] 2 Mild Consequence Aspect
Mental Stress (Will) 4 Moderate Consequence Aspect
1[ ] 2[ ] 3[ ] 6 Severe Consequence Aspect

Danger Sense. Angel has a psionically enhanced capacity for detecting danger. Her Notice skill works unimpeded by conditions like total concealment, darkness, or other sensory impairments in situations where someone or something intends to harm her.
Lie Whisperer. +2 to all Empathy rolls made to discern or discover lies, whether they’re directed at Angel or someone else.
Personal Cloaking. Once per scene, Angel can vanish while in plain sight by spending a fate point, using her hostile environment suit’s personal cloaking field. This places the Vanished boost on her. While she’s vanished, no one can attack or create an advantage on Angel until after they’ve succeeded at an overcome roll with Notice to suss out where she went (basically meaning they have to give up an exchange to try). This aspect goes away as soon as Angel invokes it, or someone makes that overcome roll.

Typical Loadout hostile environment suit (environmental protection, enhanced strength), C-10 canister rifle (snipe or semi-auto, EMP shot; no nuclear strike capacity)


Height: 5’5" Weight: 140 lb. Age: 19
Eyes: Pale Hazel Hair: Red Skin: Fair



Phase Trio

Your Adventure

Born in 2486, Agent X72037N went into the Confederacy’s (later the Dominion’s) ghost program while still in infancy. As the subject of frequent mindwipes meant to keep her from forming compromising attachments, she has no memories of her training – only the skills that it imparted.

Phase One Aspect: Emerging Telekinesis

Crossing Paths – Silas

Sent to salvage a protoss shipwreck from the backwater planet of Nova Artesia, Agent X72037N needs the help (and the hotrod) of the mechanic Silas Crazyhorse Voss to find and reach it. Agent X72037N has been sent alone as a test of her abilities, unaware that the ghost called Revenant has been monitoring her progress anyway.

Upon reaching the crash site, Silas rigs up a scanner that locates the protoss black box in the wreckage – but he learns its nature in doing so. When they return to the settlement of Harland’s Hope, Revenant shows up to collect the black box. He plans to kill Silas; it’s easier than paying him, and ensures he’ll never tell what he found. Agent X72037N intervenes, allowing Silas to survive knowing just how close he came to death.

Upon their reunion at the beginning of the colony voyage, Silas says, “Hey, it’s my guardian angel. Hello again!” Several people are present when he says this, including Dr. Zhang, and it sticks, even though “Angel” has no recollection of their prior meeting.

Phase Two Aspect: Revenant Is My Superior

Crossing Paths Redux -Jonny Boy

Two or three sentences describing how you were involved in another PC’s first adventure.

(Phase Three Aspect)

Angel is forming a relationship with Dr. Moira Zhang.




The Dolorous Stroke
Movie Night
They Can’t Take That Away from Me

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Agent X72037N ("Angel")

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