Medic Loadout

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Standard Medic Loadout

A-13 Flash Grenade Launcher
Special: This gadgets purpose it to deploy light sources, not as a weapon unless stunted.
Function: Brighter than Earth Sun, at any hour!
Flaw: Bright, but not very painful.
Stunt: “Blinded by the Light!” : Once per scene may add the blinded aspect to all biologicals in a zone.
Refresh: 1

Surgical Nano-Laser
Stunt: “Where does it hurt?” : Once per scene a Medic may remove a single physical stress level from an ally.

CMC-405 Light Combat Suit
Armor: 1
Function: Environmental Armor

Optional Medic Loadout

C-7 Gauss Pistol
Damage: 1

Caduceus Reactor

Stabilizer Med Packs

Medic Loadout

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