Marine Loadout

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Standard Marine Loadout

C-14 Standard Issue Assault Rifle
Function: Long-range, fully-automatic hot-lead.
Aspect: “Ground Control to Major Tom” : +1 when attacking biologicals and mechanicals with the airborn aspect.
Weapon: 2

CMC Powered Combat Suit
Armor: 2
Function: Environmental Armor

Optional Marine Loadout

Ballistic Alloy Combat Shield
Function: Bullet-proof, check; claw-proof, check.
Flaw: As heavy as a sheet of lead.
Stunt: “Indestructible Stance” : Reduce the stress rating of an attack twice per session.

Adrenal Stimulation Pack
Special: Adrenal Stimulation Packs add the following aspects/trouble to a character for a single scene.
Function: Faster than a flying Banshee, stronger than a charging Ultralisk…
Flaw: Gonna’ be sick.

Marine Loadout

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